How to Choose a Bike?

biciklist na drvenom mostu

If you decide to spend more time taking care of your health by doing some outdoor activity, this is the right place! Learn more why cycling is an excellent choice and how to pick the best bike according to your needs.

We are not discussing characteristics of each type of the bicycle here; we are going to do that in another post. Today, we are talking about bikes in general and their basic types. Please, keep in mind – this post is intended for the beginners and our goal is to help you make the best possible decision. And if you happen to visit Zadar, stop by our workshop and our bike mechanic will gladly advise you.

You can use your bike to ride it in the city, commute or to run some errands and that’s the great way to avoid looking for a parking space. But if you really want to relax and do something to get in shape, get out of the city, explore open space and enjoy the nature. There are so many intersting places in Zadar region that you can easily discover by bike. And fall in love, too.

One of the advantages of cycling is that it can be a one person activity but you can just as easily  practise it with your friends. Depends on the mood!

Plavo-crni ženski gradski bicikl
Thompson city bike

If you are a beginner at cycling two things should be taken into consideration – a type of a bicycle and a price. Final decision depends on how often you plan to ride and what’s the main purpose, what is the reason for purchasing a bike in the first place.

If you are not an adventurer and you are going to ride the bike in the city most of the time, than go for a city bike. City bikes are usually lightweight, have narrow wheels and a rear rack which is handy if you need a panniers to carry your stuff arround. Frame geometry enables safe drive in urban conditions.

If you are planning to spend a lot of your free time outdoor, riding a bike on gravel paths and muddy roads, far away from the asphalt, you shoud consider buying a mountain bike. These bicycles are more robust and have bigger wheel size compared to city bikes; that gives good adherance to a surface and makes your bike manoeuvrable.

Srebrni brdski bicikl
Kona Lana'i mountain bike
crni brdski bicikl
Superior XC 819 mountain bike

There is another category – electric bikes. They are equipped with a removable battery that assists you while pedaling. As for the style, they can be city or mountain bikes.

There are numerous bike types and categories that meet needs of a modern drivers, such as road, trekking, kids bikes etc. Our intention is to help you make a decision, so we decided to keep the things as simple as possible.

As for the prices, if you ride a bike occasionally and for a shorter distances, base model would do just fine. But if you plan to spend the most of your free time cycling, consider purchasing a more expensive model. That could be more cost effective in the long run.

We hope you find these advices helpful in choosing the best bike for you, according to your needs and preferences. In case you still have some doubts or additional questions, feel free to contac us; Zzuum will gladly help you!

Enjoy the ride and stay safe!