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Biking in Croatia

If you prefer to stay active even during the holidays, consider seven-day biking in Croatia, more specifically, in the Zadar region on the Dalmatian coast. This attractive Croatian biking tour includes cycling, sightseeing, meeting locals, and tasting fine food.

What to Expect

Upon the arrival and meeting of our agency’s representative, check out your bicycle and try it out. We think the trekking bikes are the best choice for this tour type. Our  21-gear bikes are easy and comfortable to ride. But you can also go for a more relaxed option – an e-bike. With a 20-litre pannier bag, you have a lot of space for everything you might need on a daily ride: water, snacks, swimsuit and sunblock.

The biking tour starts on the road to the town of Nin. Start your day the way locals do it – have a coffee. Villages Kožino and Petrčane are on your way to Nin. Just choose a coffee shop and enjoy the view. Once in Nin, the Archeological Museum,  the Salt Museum and the Queen’s Beach are „must-sees “.

Aerial view of white stone bridge over the blue sea and a town
Town of Nin

The next day of your biking tour in Croatia is reserved for an island adventure. Your first stop is the Gaženica port where you catch the ferry to the island of Ugljan. The port is 7,5 km away. You don’t want to miss the ferry, so start on time. The ride takes 25 minutes and during that time you can enjoy the view of Velebit Mountain, Zadar and the islands.

Ugljan is called „the green island“. Cycling along the numerous olive groves and pine trees, you will immediately find out why. Explore the villages of Preko, Sutomišćica, Lukoran, and Muline and stop at the Južna Luka bay for a swim. Take your time to enjoy the beauty of the clear blue sea and the nature around you.

Small white wooden boat in the port
Port in Mali Lukoran, Ugljan island

On the fourth day, you leave Zadar and head to Biograd (or Sv. Filip i Jakov). Before the departure, visit the historical centre to feel the vibes of this Mediterranean city. Go to the fish market, have an espresso or tasty lunch at the main street Kalelarga. But first, come to the Zzuum agency to leave your bikes and bags for safety keeping.

Sunset over the city of Zadar, Croatia
Sunset in Zadar

The following day you will be biking in the region Ravni kotari. The gentle terrain makes cycling through Ravni kotari suitable for cyclists of various skill levels, offering a serene and scenic experience. Take your time to enjoy the view of the farmlands, vineyards and olive trees.

The sixth day of the biking tour is reserved for a visit to the Vrana Lake Nature Park. Cycling starts on the light gravel road from Biograd to Pakoštane village for a couple of kilometres. From there, an asphalt road leads to the nature park. Vrana Lake is the biggest Croatian natural lake and the ornithological reserve. Today’s itinerary takes you to the viewpoint of Kamenjak. The last 300 meters to the peak is quite steep. If you use a regular bike, it would be better to push it. When you get to the top, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the islands of the Zadar archipelago. Please, be careful on the way back because you can achieve a speed of more than 60 km per hour. 

Viewpoint Kamenjak in Vrana Lake Nature Park, Croatia
Viewpoint Kamenjak, Vrana Lake Nature Park

The last day of biking in Croatia is reserved for another island – Pašman. This time, the ferry port is a few minutes away from the hotel and the ride takes 10 minutes only. The ferries are not as frequent as in Zadar but you have at least 10 departures/arrivals per day so plan your trip accordingly. The island will conquer you with its amazing nature, beautiful beaches, and hospitable people. When cycling on Pašman, you can also visit Kukljica village in the southern part of the Ugljan island because Pašman and Ugljan are connected by the Ždrelac  Bridge. Take the opportunity to enjoy the view and take some photos!

No matter your cycling skills, a week of biking in Croatia is a perfect blend of outdoor activities, exploring new places and enjoying nature.