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MTB Cycling Tour

A young man on an MTB on a gravel trail looking at a view over the sea

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a holiday? Is it summer? Heat, maybe? Or a beach? These are all perfect answers, but there are people whose first choice is a bicycle. For some people, exploring a new destination on a bike is a definition of a perfect vacation. If you are one of them, keep reading and find out more about Croatian bicycle tours.

There are many bicycle tours in Croatia, but we want to introduce you to a tour designed for MTB lovers among you. It is an island tour of the islands of the Zadar archipelago. The bikes offered are Kona Kahuna with a  Kona Race Light 6061 aluminium butted frame and RockShox Recon Silver RL Solo Air 100mm tapered 110mm fork. Thanks to the bike’s characteristics, you will enjoy its performance and make the most of the ride.

If you consider arriving by car and bringing your bike, that is also an option. There is free-of-charge parking at the hotel where your car can stay while you enjoy your bicycle tour.

Aerial view over Pašman island, Croatia, and blue sea
Island of Pašman

Bicycle Tour Itinerary

On the day of arrival, you check in at the hotel and then you have an info meeting with the agency representative. There you get all the information, tips and tricks that you will be using during the bicycle tour. The bike fitting comes after the info meeting.

The second day is for 55.9 km MTB cross-country cycling from Zadar to the historic town of Nin. With an elevation gain of 432 m, you will conquer a route comprising  63% off-road trails and 37% paved roads. On the way to Nin, you will be riding on the local trail called Mandrina staza, then you will cycle through an abandoned military facility called Šepurine, and after that pass by Kožino and Zaton village to finally arrive at Nin. Different terrains like forest trails and seaside coastal roads are a part of this route to Nin. On the way back some light macadam roads pass by local farms and fields to finish this cross-country cycling day.

The third day of your Croatian bicycle tour is planned for the island of Ugljan. The focus shifts to the captivating island of Ugljan, covering approximately 57.4 km with an elevation gain of 945 m. You will navigate a trail characterized by 49% off-road and 51% paved sections. Ugljan’s amazing landscapes, charming little villages, and coastal trails offer a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day of cycling, with the evening returning to the comfort of Zadar. The trail combines off-road coastal routes with sea-side roads going from one side of the island to another. Surely, you will enjoy cycling to the highest peaks of the island and then descending back again to the sea level. 

A man riding an MTB on a gravel trail
Bike trail, Ugljan island

The fourth day is the day when you change hotels. You leave your hotel in Zadar and head towards the accommodation in Biograd or Sv. Filip i Jakov village. No need to worry about the luggage; Zzuum will take care of it and it will wait for you in your new hotel.

Today’s route covers approximately 39 km with an elevation gain of 442 m and consists of 56% off-road and 44% paved sections. Great trails go above the city of Zadar through the forest Musapstan to the hill Križ and then continue with a gravel and on some parts rocky trail where you can test your cycling skills.

Three cyclists riding bikes through green grass
Fields of Ravni kotari

The fifth day is reserved for cycling across the region of Ravni kotari. Trails cover 62 km with an elevation gain of 650 m. This day is marked by an immersive off-road experience, with 66% of the route being off-road trails and 34% paved roads. A part of today’s trail is used for a local MTB cross-country race called Gradina trails and it can be technically demanding at some points.

On the sixth day, you visit Nature Park Vrana Lake. The MTB cross-country adventure continues with a 57.5 km journey to Nature Park Vrana Lake, with an elevation gain of 645 m. Starting from the macadam section from Biograd to Pakoštane village and then the asphalt section to get to the nature park. After arriving at the nature park, a big part of the trail is part of the annual MTB cross-country race in Vrana Lake Nature Park with a difficult uphill section to peak Kamenjak and a superb “rock garden” descent. On the way back we use different trails combining macadam, and mud sections to get back to the hotel. 

Two cyclist on a gravel uphill
Trail to Kamenjak viewpoint

On the seventh day, we will take you to Pašman Island. The ferry port is a couple of minutes away from the hotel and the ferry ride lasts only 10 minutes. The trail covers approximately 50.7 km with an elevation gain of 751 m. The route comprises 54% off-road and 46% paved sections. You are going to cycle the whole island from one side to another, from the coastal seaside roads to the off-road section on the highest peaks of the island. Not too much shade on the top so bring enough water. This trail is not too technical but it is physically demanding and you will gain good speed on big surface macadam roads. 

Thanks to various landscapes and trails with different technical and physical characteristics, Croatia is a perfect destination for bicycle tours for all outdoor lovers. In case you have additional questions, contact Zzuum and we will gladly answer you.