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Cycling and Health

a man cycling across a wooden bridge

With the arrival of warmer time and longer days, we all start to spend more time outdoors. Even those who rarely engage in physical activity are happy to spend some more time in the open enjoying the sun. If you are among those who are just thinking about how to become more active, our proposal is cycling. And here are the reasons. 

Cycling is a type of sporting activity that increases our aerobic performance; it means that the body generates energy more easily and efficiently for physical work. This improves quality of life by making it easier and more efficient to perform daily professional and personal tasks with much less fatigue and stress.

Cycling activates a lot of the muscles, especially the well-known gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstrings. Shortly — if you want to look good in your jeans, cycle 🙂 

It is also well known that regular cycling prevents different kinds of diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and some malignant diseases, and has a particularly good effect on our circulatory system by preventing the development of coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders. Cycling is therefore recommended as part of recovery even for patients who have had a heart attack,  but, of course, with reduced intensities and under doctor supervision. 

A positive impact on our mental health is common to all types of physical activities. This is also the case for cycling. Spending time in nature, alone or in the company of a friend, mitigates the symptoms of depression, while increasing self-esteem and raising quality of life.

Finally, we must not forget that cycling also has a positive impact on the development of motor skills in children, as it increases strength and improves coordination and endurance.

However, as this is an outdoor activity, we must by no means forget sun protection. Suitable protective creams and helmets should be a standard piece of equipment for each cyclist. People with skin conditions should consult a doctor before they start cycling and go for a ride in the early morning or late in the evening.

Although cycling undoubtedly has many positive effects on our body, we suggest all those who have some health issues to seek medical advice before deciding to do so. This article does not in any way replace consultation with a doctor.

And if the lack of a bicycle is your pretext to stay at home, just stop by and we will be more than happy to help you choose the right bicycle for your needs.

Zzuum wishes you a pleasant and safe ride!