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Dugi otok by Bicycle

a man cycling on an island road

Even if you have already been to the island Dugi otok, a bike trip is an opportunity to experience it from a completely different perspective. If you are just a beginner, this trip will be an anatomy class, too. Why? Soon enough, you will become aware of all your muscles while cycling 😊 Don’t get discouraged; the effort you have to put in the trip will certainly pay off the moment you overcome the climb and enjoy amazing nature.

And all of that only 1,5 hour ferry ride from Zadar.

How do you get to Dugi otok island? It is simple – by ferry that takes you from Gaženica ferry port in Zadar to the village Brbinj on the island. You can buy ferry tickets on the spot, at the Jadrolinija shipping company office. Yes, they will charge you for the bike, too. You can sleep through the 90 min ride or you can use the time to read, enjoy the sun and the view, have a drink or send selfies to the friends that couldn’t join you on this adventure. 

When you arrive at Brbinj you can just follow your instinct or our recommendation and head to beach Velo žalo. The descent is quite steep and you should be careful but the beach is worth the effort. You can take a trip to Dugi otok at any time of the year, of course, but if you decide to take it in the summer, you would be able to enjoy swimming in the sea. Or have a drink in the beach bar but remember that it is open only in summer. Zzuum recommends swimming first and a beach bar after that!

djevojka uživa u pogledu na tirkiznu uvalu
Brbinjšćica bay, Dugi otok

After a rest and a refreshment it’s time to return to the main road and to continue the journey towards village and lighthouse Veli rat. And that means that steep descent has just become an unpleasant climb. Remember that anatomy class we mentioned at the beginning? Well, it’s happening right there!

While you wonder if this was your smartest decision ever, don’t let the Sakarun beach pass you by without noticing. Sakarun is that amazing sandy beach which appears on the photographs each time you look up for „Dugi otok“ in Google. If you have packed a ball, too, it’s time for a game of „picigin“. Ask locals and they will explain to you what that is. If you haven’t, it’s the perfect time for a break and a sip of a cold drink. 

turquoise beach
Sakarun beach

Veli rat is really close so do not miss the opportunity to visit the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic. There is also a swing that’s just perfect for a few Instagram photos 😊

Djevojka na ljuljački ispod bora, pored plaže
Veli rat

Even if you are not a romantic soul, you will surely enjoy the sunset and its colours, sounds and scent of the sea. And when mosquitos become annoying it’s the time to find a place to spend the night. If you cannot imagine a world where soft beds and running water do not exist, plan ahead and book accommodation in Veli rat or Verunić. Or, if you feel like it, spend a night at Kargita campsite.

Next morning, when you wake up feeling fresh, rested and full of energy, head to the southern part of the island and explore the stunning bay Brbinjšćica and villages Luka and Sali. Last but not least, visit Nature Park Telašćica. It’s an absolute „must do“ when visiting Dugi otok! There is an entrance fee for access to the park; tickets can be bought on the spot or online. 

Mladić promatra stijene i more
Nature park Telašćica

To return to Zadar, take a boat at the village Sali. Shipping company is G&V Line Iadera. Purchase the tickets in their office 30 min before the departure. Timetable is available on the company’s  website. There are different ships on this line but only one of them accepts the bikes so make sure to check that out in time. 

If you ask the Zzuum team, the first rule when going on a trip is to take enough food and, more important, water, a lot of water. That is even more important if you go in summer when temperatures are high. Also, make sure to check up on the bike (Zzuum offers bike repair and maintenance service and will gladly help you) and to bring spare tubes and a tool you might need. Keep in mind there are no bike shops or bike repair services on the island. If you leave your credit card at home, it’s not going to be a problem as long as you have enough cash. But if you forget to bring mosquito repellent that could cause you some trouble. Especially if you decide to spend the night in the tent. 

Bicycle trip to Dugi otok may not be a piece of cake but even if you are just a beginner you can easily do it. You set the pace and the speed and since you are on a holiday, there’s no need to rush. It’s all about having a great time, isn’t it?

Drive safely and enjoy your island adventure!