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Road Cycling Tour in Croatia

Road cycling tours combine the pleasure of discovering different places, people, and traditions with the cycling challenges along the new routes. Our Belgian Thompson road bikes have aluminium 6061 triple-butted frames and carbon/alloy forks. The groupset Full Shimano 105 Compact (172,5/50 X 34 with 11-30 CS) is very reliable and the bikes are equipped with wheels TRC Senso and tyres Schwalbe Lugano 700x25C. 

You will find them light and comfortable to ride which means that you can take the most of the ride and stay safe and confident at the sam time.

Cycling Tour Itinerary

On the day of the arrival, you will have an info meeting with the Zzuum agency representative at your hotel and do the bike fitting. You can spend the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for the next day.

On the second day of the cycling tour, you will explore the island of Pag. The route is approximately 112 km long, with an elevation of 1210 m. Prepare yourself for a challenging route that will test your skills. Feel the excitement as you ride on smooth roads, pushing through each pedal stroke with precision. Climb the island’s rolling terrain, tackling tough ascents that require strength and stamina. Push yourself as you navigate the winding roads, finding your pace among the rugged landscape. When you reach the summit, take your time to enjoy a sense of achievement before descending with speed and agility. Pag’s unique lunar-like landscape adds to the adventure, with coastal scenery providing stunning views along the Adriatic Sea. For race bike enthusiasts looking for an exhilarating challenge, Pag Island offers an unmatched experience. 

The island is famous for its unique sheep cheese; make sure to try it while you’re there. 

Island of Pag

The next day we take you to Karin and Obrovac (approx. 107 km, elevation 1100 m). This part of the road cycling adventure offers race bike enthusiasts a diverse mix of landscapes and challenging routes. The terrain features both climbs and descents, providing ample opportunities to test your cycling skills. Conquer challenging climbs and enjoy thrilling descents as you navigate the rugged terrain. Look forward to reaching elevated viewpoints with stunning panoramas of the Zrmanja River. These scenic stops offer rewarding breaks during your ride, allowing you to catch your breath and appreciate the natural beauty. Whether you’re tackling steep gradients or descending with speed, the roads in Obrovac and Karin provide an exciting experience for cyclists seeking both difficulty and scenic views. 

On the fourth day, you will explore the region of Ravni kotari and Nature Park Vrana Lake. This section is approximately 118 km long, with an elevation of 980 m. Embark on an exhilarating race bike adventure through the captivating region of Ravni kotari, where every pedal stroke takes you closer to nature, history, and thrilling climbs. Start your journey in the heart of this picturesque landscape, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Nature Park Vrana Lake and the majestic peak of Kamenjak overlooking Lake Vrana. As you traverse through Ravni kotari, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region, passing by iconic landmarks like the Mašković Han, a well-preserved relic from the Ottoman era. 


Vrana Lake

But the real highlight of your journey awaits as you tackle the ascent to Kamenjak Peak. This challenging climb promises an adrenaline-fueled test of your cycling prowess, with each turn presenting a new opportunity to push your limits. Feel the burn in your legs as you conquer the steep gradients, fueled by the anticipation of the spectacular views that await you at the summit.
Reach the pinnacle of Kamenjak and be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama that stretches across Lake Vrana and the glistening waters of the Adriatic Sea. Take a moment to catch your breath and savour the sense of achievement that comes with conquering this formidable climb. With its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and challenging terrain, the region of Ravni kotari offers an unforgettable cycling experience for enthusiasts seeking thrills and adventure. 

Sunset on Kamenjak Viewpoint

The fifth day of the cycling tour is your free day. Seize the opportunity to indulge in a more relaxed exploration of the nearby surroundings. 
Dive into the vibrant culinary scene by venturing to renowned restaurants and sampling authentic dishes that showcase the region’s gastronomic delights. Take this opportunity to recharge your body and mind, relishing in the leisurely pace and diverse experiences that the day presents. Whether you’re strolling through cobblestone streets, exploring and admiring culture and history of the Zadar City, or simply indulging in the pleasures of good food and company, let this rest day be a rejuvenating interlude amidst your cycling adventure.

On the next day, we take you to an 89 km long route to Nin, Vir and Privlaka. Embark on a thrilling road cycling excursion from Zadar to Nin and Vir island, traversing a picturesque route that showcases the coastal splendour, rich history, and distinctive allure of the region. Set off from Zadar and pedal along the scenic coastal roads, where the shimmering waters of the Adriatic Sea provide a stunning backdrop to your journey. Arrive in Nin and pause to immerse yourself in its wealth of historical treasures. Explore the ancient city gates and delve into the intriguing history of this charming locale. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the medicinal mud site, where centuries-old healing traditions still thrive, offering a unique and rejuvenating experience for weary cyclists. 

As you continue your cycling adventure, soak in the quaint charm of Nin’s narrow streets and historic landmarks. From ancient churches to medieval fortifications, Nin is a treasure trove of cultural delights waiting to be discovered. 
Next, pedal your way to Vir Island, where a scenic ride awaits along its coastal roads and idyllic landscapes.  With its seamless blend of coastal beauty, historical intrigue, and cultural richness, the route from Zadar to Nin and Vir Island promises an unforgettable cycling experience. So gear up, hit the road, and let the adventure unfold as you explore the hidden gems of this captivating region on two wheels.

Ugljan Island, panoramic view

The seventh day is reserved for the islands of Ugljan and Pašman. The route is approximately 80 km long with an elevation of 840 m. 

 As you traverse the roads, you’ll be greeted by a diverse array of landscapes, from rugged coastlines to lush hillsides, offering a dynamic and ever-changing backdrop to your journey. Begin your adventure in Zadar, where the coastal roads beckon with their winding paths and panoramic vistas of the Adriatic Sea. Feel the adrenaline surge as you navigate through the bustling city streets, before making your way towards the ferry terminal, where your island adventure awaits.
Board the ferry and set sail for Ugljan, the first stop on your island-hopping expedition. As you disembark, you’ll be greeted by the rugged beauty of the island’s coastline, with its winding roads offering challenging yet rewarding terrain for avid cyclists. Pedal along the scenic routes, make a pause to enjoy the scenery or stop at the beach for swimming.

Continue your journey to Pašman, where a new set of challenges and adventures await. The island’s diverse landscape boasts rolling hills, quaint villages, and breathtaking coastal vistas, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable cycling experience. With its blend of technical challenges, cultural exploration, and coastal beauty, the cycling route from Zadar to Ugljan and Pašman promises an unforgettable adventure for cyclists of all levels. So saddle up, embrace the thrill of the ride, and let the journey unfold as you explore the hidden treasures of the Dalmatian coast on two wheels.