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How to Choose Kids' Bike

If you are a bicycle fan, you will likely want to pass on this passion to your child and share the pleasure of outdoor activity with them. The first step toward this plan is to buy a kid’s bicycle.

As the choice of children’s bicycles on the market is indeed large, it is not easy to navigate and select the best from such a large offer. To help you, we have identified a few things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, the child’s age and height are important. Children between two and four years of age are already able to get their first bicycle, and it is best to select some with a wheel size 12“-14” or even a balance bike. The balance bike does not have pedals, but it is a good first choice as it improves the motor abilities of the child and facilitates the learning of riding. Although the child would outgrow the first bicycle relatively quickly, choose a model with as little as possible brittle plastic parts, light and with high-quality wheels. For children of this age, we recommend always choosing models with plastic protection for the chain to avoid injury.

For children aged between five and seven, the recommended wheel size is 16’. Such bicycles usually also have auxiliary wheels which, if necessary, are easily removed. The bicycle should have no speeds and the brakes should be in the rear-drive. It is easier for children of this age to use pedal brakes than the ones on the steering wheel.

Children aged between 7 and 10 may drive bicycles with a wheel size of 18’-20’, depending on the height of the child. Models with five to seven speeds can already be found in this size range, which is perfectly sufficient.

Children over 10 years of age can ride models in sizes 24′-26’. These bicycles are similar to those for adults but in a lower price range.

a man caring a baby in child seat on the bicycle, a woman and a girl riding bikes

The bicycle is of adequate size if the child can touch the floor with both feet while sitting on it, can reach the brakes easily and can reach the steering wheel while having both feet on the floor. If the bicycle is not of the right size, the child will not be able to maintain and manage the balance and is very likely to give up driving.

If you ended up buying a bike that is too big, it is more likely they will not ride it at all because they do not feel safe.

Make sure not to buy a bike that is too heavy. It would be difficult for a kid to manage it and this can only discourage them.

While almost all bicycle manufacturers also have children’s models, it is better to choose those specialising in children’s bicycles. The geometry of such a bicycle is better suited to the child’s needs making the ride easier and safer.

In terms of safety, you must also purchase a child’s safety helmet. In addition to being legally required for children under the age of 16, there is no need to emphasise the importance of being a standard item of equipment. Older children will also benefit from a bicycle padlock.

In case you have additional questions, just drop by Zzuum’s workshop and we will gladly answer them. 

Now, you are ready to enjoy some quality time with your kid in the open!