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How to Prepare a Bicycle for the Winter

If you are not among those who enjoy driving regardless of weather conditions, make sure to prepare your bike properly for the winter rest, so that in the spring it could be ready for the ride.

The procedure is quite simple and requires only a little time and effort but it is very worth it.

Whether your bike will be stored on the balcony, in the cellar or garage, it must be thoroughly cleaned and washed from mud, sand and dust. First, remove all additional equipment from your bike (light, lock, cyclocomputer, etc.), and then wash it using a special product intended for cleaning the bicycles. Such products clean perfectly without damaging the color. In the end, remove the remaining water thoroughly with a dry cloth.

It is also necessary to clean the chain and drivetrain. For this purpose, a special tool for chain cleaning can be used even though the use of common, soft rags and brushes gives good results. The cleaned chain should then be lubricated. This prevents the occurrence of rust. If you’re not sure how to do it well or you don’t have enough free time to do it yourself, bring the bike to Zzuum’s workshop and we’ll do it for you.

Pump the tires and control them occasionally. The pressure in the tires can be reduced in time and empty tires can cause the defects to appear on wheels.

Even if your bike winters in a safe, indoor space, it is good to use a bicycle cover to protect it from dust. A blanket or sheets will also serve. If you store your bike in the open in winter, be sure to get adequate protection from rain and moisture.

Think about using the winter season to do all necessary repairs and replace damaged parts. That way you will immediately be ready to go out on the road with the first spring sun.